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A1 Electrical BG
8 Petar Beron, Palamartsa, Popovo 7850.

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Dangers in Bulgaria

  1. I have been told I can get a local guy in my village to wire my house very cheaply.

    You can and every village has people who will try.

    The problem is, they will do is what I call village wiring, as in they have been shown by, say there father who was shown by his ect ect.

    They have no qualifications at all and most of there work is very dangerous and not to any type of standard.

  2. What are the british builders like as I have heard so many horror stories?

    Like everywere else some good, some bad, always ask to see previous work, if you can talk to clients. Never pay the full amount up front, and if it's asked for look else were.

    One of the biggest problems are builders who say they can do everything! including Electrics these are the most dangerous!

    They seem to think because they are in BG they can do what they like these people are wrong and the're days are numbered. Just because you flick a switch and the lights come on does not mean it's safe.

    Always ask to see qualifications!!!!!

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